How to Create a Living Wreath

Darin Engh, from Engh Gardens, shares some ideas on how to create a living wreath.

• Wire form
• Sphagnum moss
• Succulent cuttings
• Potting soil
• Florist wire or greening pins
• Chicken Wire

Soak the sheet moss in a bucket of water for several minutes. Squeeze several palm-sized pieces gently to remove excess water. Begin lining the wire form with moss. Mound a layer of potting soil on top of the moss, pressing and shaping it with the palm of your hand. Cover the soil with another layer of moss. Wrap the entire form with chicken wire to secure the moss and soil. Using a pencil, poke holes an inch or two deep to place each cutting. Arrange them according to size, color, texture and shape. Space them so no gaps show or farther apart if you prefer a looser look. Secure cutting with florists pins. Otherwise, allow the wreath to lay flat for a few weeks to give cutting time to root.

For more information, you can contact Darin at Engh Gardens in Sandy or online at .

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