New Year’s Goals with Daily Bread

Many people make it a goal to get organized and prepared at the start of the
new year. That could include being prepared for emergencies.

Candice Beck, with Daily Bread, explains how getting a good food supply can
help with that.

It’s a new year! If there is one thing we now – this year will bring change.
Daily Bread has new meal plans for 2012 and we want to help every family
start an emergency food supply or add to their existing supply this year.
Many families have put off getting an emergency food plan for their family,
but as we begin new year many people have re-committed to taking care of
this important goal, and Daily Bread is here to help! People often tell us that
their resolution is getting their family an emergency food plan.

Highest Quality Emergency Food Supply

Daily Bread uses high quality ingredients. Because we use high quality
ingredients, our foods taste delicious. We have tons of variety – foods like
Lasagna with meat sauce, Chicken Teriyaki with Rice, Rotini with Beef,
Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, Granola with Honey and Almonds.
Daily Bread utilizes the freeze dry process so our foods retains nutritional
better than other preservation processes and Daily Bread uses 100% natural

Simple and Convenient

Daily Bread foods have a 25 year life so you don’t have to hassle with varying
expiration dates! All you need is water to prepare Daily Bread foods. Daily
Bread is very compact and requires very little storage space.


Daily Bread has some new 1 month starter packages. Daily Bread has monthly
pay as you go options. Our meal plans are affordable and the price per
serving is around $2

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