Neways: ClearScience Complexion Balancing System

Kelly Queensberry with Neways Products, talks about this system on Studio 5.

What you need to know about Neways ClearScience Complexion Balancing System

1) Clearscience system is clinically proven to improve the appearance of problem skin and balance the complexion for boundless confidence!

2) Combination of scavenging microproteins, salicylic acid, and a Schlareolide™, a patented botanical complex to address the four pathways of problem skin:

– Excess sebum

– Excess dead skin cells

– Impurities

– Skin sensitivities

3) Three products are Clearscience Balancing Cleanser, Clearscience Balancing Toner and ClearScience Balancing Chewable

4) Chewable features Lactoferrin, a Scavenging Microprotein, that eats iron, the main food for bacteria the causes problem skin. Research shows that digested lactoferrin is hydrolyzed in the digestive system, becoming a peptide with at least eight times greater absorption into the bod

5) ClearScience Advantage features Schlareolide, a botanical complex made from a unique extract of Clary Sage. It’s a patented process giving this botanical the ability to fortify skin like never before against the bacteria that causes acne prone skin.
About Neways International

Since 1992, Neways International has formulated and distributed some of the world’s most innovative, safe, and effective products in the categories of nutrition, personal care, and household care.

Their goal is to fill the world with Neways Healthy Homes-homes in which families have replaced products that contain potentially harmful ingredients with safe, effective Neways products. Their products help you maximize your health and beauty while minimizing your exposure to potentially harmful ingredients. With safety and effectiveness in mind, Neways experts combine the best of science and nature to formulate their advanced products. Nature creates it, science refines it, and Neways delivers it.

Operating in 29 countries, Neways also provides a lucrative business opportunity to their independent distributors worldwide. Acquired in 2006 by a highly successful private-equity firm called Golden Gate Capital, Neways is positioned to grow and prosper more than ever. Whether you want to simply make your own home a Neways Healthy Home or also help others do the same, you’re welcome to Neways.

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