Neways: NewVera for Health and Wellness

McKell Robbins, associate brand manager over the health and wellness category at Neways, is here to talk about the liquid nutritional products available from Neways.

Neways offers four liquid nutritional products Neways offers:
Neways offers four liquid nutritional products. They have Maximol Solutions, Durian Fusion, our Authentic Hawaiian Noni, and NewVera. Maximol Solutions is their top selling trace mineral formula, and Durian Fusion is a whole-food beverage brimming with phytonutrients that features the unique durian fruit from southeast asia.

Neways has two other products: Neways Authentic Hawaiian Noni and NewVera:
Neways Authentic Hawaiian Noni is a great nutritional product made from noni fruit grown in Hawaii. We’ve included blueberry, raspberry, and momordica to support your antioxidant capacity. Neway’s Authentic Hawaiian Noni is rich in polysaccharides and is fantastic in terms of supporting your immune system health.

More about NewVera:
Every knows about aloe vera and its benefits to skin, but it’s actually a great nutritional supplement as well. Just as aloe vera is soothing for your skin on the outside, it’s also soothing on the inside as well. It’s very beneficial for digestive support to help keep things functioning smoothly. NewVera provides all the nutritional benefits of aloe vera in a delicious beverage.

What is special about Neways’ NewVera?
Neways NewVera is made with organic aloe vera. They improve upon the aloe vera by adding supporting ingredients. They’ve added fruit juices and an infusion of herbal extracts filled with phytonutrients, which makes NewVera even better for you.

Learn more about Neways and NewVera
Neways is located in Utah and viewers have the opportunity to actually try each of these products. Neways is hosting an Open House for the community at their corporate office in Springville on August 17th from 6-8 pm. Everyone is invited to come and try these products as well as learn more about all of the nutritional, personal care, and household products they offer.

So again, for a chance to sample Neways liquid nutritional products and learn more about all Neways has to offer, plan to visit the Neways Open House on August 17th from 6-8pm. Neways corporate offices are located right off I-15 in Springville. And for more information, check the Neways website at

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