Neways: Roil Platinum

The Roil Platinum line includes Engine Flush and Metal Conditioner both formulated to protect and care for your vehicles, extending their life while reducing the environmental stresses placed on our habitat.

Eric Nugent talks about Roil Platinum on Studio 5.

A Lesson from the Past Brings You the Future of Engine Additives

After World War I, Germany faced an extreme shortage of oil. This problem led two German scientists to create a way to convert biomass into fuel, called the Fischer-Tropsch process, and circumvent Germany’s dependence on oil.

Now this 80-year-old technology has been rediscovered, enhanced, and adapted to create highly effective automotive additives and cleaners based on the process. Neways brings consumers these innovative German-engineered formulas in the new Roil Platinum line of automotive products.

Platinum Helps You Save Green

Neways Roil Platinum was not only designed to help you save on maintenance and fuel economy costs, but it may also help you save another type of green, too: the planet. Neways’ Roil Platinum line of products could substantially reduce the environmental burden associated with automotive transportation. Unlike most other fuel additives, Roil Platinum products are not oil-based. In fact, they may help reduce the need for petroleum products.

At the same time, the Roil Platinum products were designed to safeguard your vehicle and its performance. They were designed to protect and clean engine parts by removing and preventing harmful deposits and reducing friction. Roil Platinum also provides an increase in compression, restoring the lost power and performance that comes from wear and build up, and returning your car to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Independently Tested

Neways’ Roil Platinum products have been tested and verified by the third-party agency TUV, or Technischer Überwachungs-Verein, a German organization that works to validate the safety of products to protect humans and the environment against hazards. With Roil Platinum, you are caring for the health and maintenance of your car, while taking action to significantly reduce the pollution and environmental impact associated with automotive vehicles.

Neways RunClean™ Technology

RunClean™ Technology utilizes a combination of synthetic chemicals and the manufacturer’s designed pathways to effectively lubricate and clean oiling systems of internal combustion engines, resulting in decrease in fuel consumption, decrease in exhaust emissions, and increased power.

Reduce Your Dependence on Oil

Today’s gasoline prices, which can rise to exorbitant levels quickly, reflect the world’s dependence on petroleum-based products. The world runs on oil, and transportation accounts for about 40 percent of the world’s energy use.

Everywhere, people are looking for alternatives to oil to help reduce the need for this rare, nonrenewable resource and to help reduce the resulting pollution. Finding new ways to reduce our usage of gas and petroleum-based products means a greener, healthier world for all of us. Neways Roil Platinum is part of the solution because these products are formulated to protect and care for your vehicles, extending engine life while reducing the environmental stresses put on our habitat.


Neways Roil Platinum Engine Flush is a proprietary blend of synthetic chemicals that uses RunClean™ Technology to dissolve residues in oil passageways and holds the contamination in solution to be drained away, restoring engine performance to manufacturer specifications.

Key Benefits

1. 87% reduction in hydrocarbons

2. 79% reduction in carbon monoxide

3. Utilizes RunClean™ Technology

4. Dissolves gum, varnish, and artificial residues

5. Increases lubrication

6. Alcohol free


Neways Roil Platinum Metal Conditioner is a proprietary blend of synthetic chemicals that help to reduce friction and corrosive buildup on moving parts, resulting in a more efficient-running and longer-living engine.

Key Benefits

1. No suspended solids

2. No graphite or moly

3. Increased heat transfer

4. Improves efficiency

5. Decreased wear


Many have called it the “lipstick castle”, and even more people wonder what this big, beautiful building that sits right off of the I-15. On Thursday, June 4th Neways will open theirdoors to the community and giving everyone a chance to learn more about Neways. They will have a product expo, open from 6-8pm, where anyone can come and sample and learn about their products. This will give you an excellent opportunity to learn about one of the top companies in Utah. At 7 p.m. they will also have a short overview of the company. There will also be store specials, giveaways and door prizes. Come experience Neways!

For any questions or to RSVP, call 801-418-2000 or go to ttp://

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