Noah’s: Perfect Family Parties

The different sized rooms allow you to host high quality, successful events with a few to a few hundred guests.

Noah’s consultant and event planner, Brianne Adams, guests on Studio 5 today with ideas for that family party.

How to throw a stress-free party for family gatherings

1. How much food and drink, quantity rules of thumb

Appetizers: 10-12 per person, 3-4 of each kind

Salad: handful per person

Vegetables or side dish: 8 oz per person

Pasta dish: 4 oz per person

Meat, main dish: 5-6oz per person

Drinks: 2 per person during the first hour and 1 per person for every hour after that

1 lb of ice per guest

2. Potluck dinner ease
The easiest way to throw a party is to enlist your guests to help with the work. A potluck is a great way for you to focus on the organization and have the food come to you. To stay away from some of the common potluck problems pick a theme for each food category so all tastes are appetizing and mesh well together. I have been to many activities where 10 people all bring bags of chips and we’re left with nothing substantial to eat! Giving assignments to each guest for a food category helps avoid this common pitfall and creates a broad food display with all appropriate courses. Be careful not to give specific instructions, give the guest the ability to make what they want within one of the following categories: appetizer, salad, side dish, main dish, dessert, and beverage.

3. Easy doesn’t have to lack in style

Potluck meals are often underrated, thought of as unstylish and too casual for most events. Create a great party buffet that guests will remember AND enjoy the ease of potluck foods by using these simple steps:

– Have the guests bring their food and transfer it into attractive serving dishes. That way you can have the whole table planned out with matching service and be ready to go as soon as the guests start to arrive.

– Make your buffet table shine by using different levels. Place boxes or risers under the tablecloth to add height and interest to a potentially boring arrangement.

– Make a label for each dish; use a wooden skewer identifying each meal with consistent labels at the top of the skewers.

– Provide the ingredients for upscale drinks and let guests create their own mix

4. Keep the party moving

Providing entertainment for guests keeps the party moving and no one has an excuse to be bored. If dinner and conversation are the goal then all you need is a quiet place to enjoy, but if the age groups vary you’ll want to keep the younger ones busy with active sports, movies, or board games. Some families even set up a scrapbook or craft area while the big game plays in another room. Using several different rooms to have the event after dinner keeps the natives from becoming restless and gives you a chance to tidy the buffet.

5. Perfect party ambiance

The easiest ways to create a great party atmosphere use 3 simple elements: flowers, lighting, and music.

Place flowers in small vases around the room, on the dining table, and buffet table. Edible flowers like nasturtiums, pansies, chrysanthemums, lavender, or lilacs in addition to fresh herbs can garnish foods and are a great way to add color to a dish.

Soft glow of candlelight makes everyone look great and encourages an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Place candles on tables, counter, and anywhere they can safely burn without being knocked over by partygoers. Outdoor gatherings are enhanced with white twinkle lights, and luminaries to line a deck, or driveway. Floating candles in a pool are another great accent. Make sure to have enough lighting on the buffet table so guests can clearly see each dish.

Great music encourages conversation and covers up potentially awkward silences. Create a perfect mix by changing up the style every few songs. Include music from all eras represented by the guests; be careful not to get too loud when people are trying to talk and crank it up in areas with activities.

Noah’s is a multi-use facility located in Lindon, Utah, just off exit 275. Anyone can reserve a room for a few hours or even all day. Noah’s is the perfect place to host all your life’s events. The second Noah’s location will open this fall, October 20-25 in South Jordan. More Noah’s facilities are planned throughout the west.

For information on reserving your Noah’s room, go to or call 1-800 MY NOAHS and look for the South Jordan facility at approximately 11000 South 3rd West.

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