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Noah’s: Planning Your Holiday Party

Brianna Adams with Noah’s has some great tips for solving some of the big problems you might confront when planning for the holidays this year.

1) Problem: “I always put off getting ready til the last minute for everything …”

#1 Tip – Plan ahead …

The more you do in advance the better

Start today to plan

Make a guest list,

Make a food/menu list

Make a shopping list and keep it with you all the time to pick up items as you shop

Buy items on sale … spices, paper plates, soda, canned goods, non-perishables

Create and freeze dishes ahead of time

Check out thrift shops for finds on entertaining … glasses, tableware, candles

2. Problem: “My kitchen is too small to handle my parties”

Tip #2 Know your kitchen –

Make substitutions and adjustments

Know its space constraints

To create space: clean out old food from refrigerator in order to provide room to store platters and bowls
of food

Choose a menu of foods served at a variety of temperatures to prepare as much in advance as possible

Be creative with space … put foods in microwave, warm bread on top of your dryer; if it’s cold
outside, store items in garage or on porch

Put ice bags in washing machine drum to keep soda cold. Then let ice melt and run washer

Use convenience foods

3. Problem: “I always stay up the night before cleaning everything. By the time the party comes around, I’m exhausted”

Tip #3 Don’t Drive yourself Crazy Cleaning

Don’t clean everything from top to bottom

Clean rooms your guests will see and use, close the doors to the others

Definitely spend time scrubbing the bathroom. (guests judge entire cleanliness of house on bathroom)

Get rid of clutter … start where your guests come into the house and walk thru with their eyes

Don’t bother to clean windows

4) Problem: My table looks so ‘ordinary'”!

Tip# 4 Set a gorgeous table

Even plain food can look elegant if displayed in color dishes

Get a great tablecloth – even use sheets, check out thrift shops, antique stores, even scarves

Centerpieces – not just flowers … spray fruits, use Christmas balls, even toys to add whimsy

Look in drawers and cabinets to find hidden treasures. See them with new eyes

Use candles on mirrored surfaces, even mirrored tiles

5) Problem: ” I never have time to mingle with my guests … I’m always working on the party”

Tip #5 – Ask for Help

Use your “household” help – have your children carry coats and help with cleaning up

Have children clear away glasses, pick up litter on the floor

Ask your friends and reciprocate for their parties

Ask for advice on creative ideas from your friends

Finally … Enjoy yourself! — just come to Noah’s

Noah’s is located in Lindon and will soon open a new facility in South Jordan. You can check out their open house next week … Oct 20-25.

For more information check out Noah’s at Check out their location in Lindon, Utah, just off Exit 275 on I-15 or check out the new Noah’s location at 11100 South 3rd West, in South Jordan, Utah. Excerpts from

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