Norbest: Turkey Tips

It’s time to talk turkey. Norbests’s Tresa Cook, answers your top turkey
questions and shares tips for a delicious Thanksgiving turkey.

Here are the top 5 questions and answers for cooking the perfect
Thanksgiving Turkey:

1. How big of a turkey should I buy? For a whole turkey you want
to plan on
about 1 lb per person. This accounts for the carcass and also some leftovers.
So, if you are having 20 guests over, buy a 20 lb. turkey.

2. How do I make sure my turkey is not going to be dry? Buy a
Norbest pre-
basted turkey. Norbest’s pre-basted turkeys are basted with all natural
juices and ingredients, so the basting is done for you. There are no added
sugars, fats, oils, or msg. Norbest guarantees the “perfect turkey every

3. How long do I cook my turkey and at what temperature? First,
make sure
your turkey is completely thawed, then simply follow the instructions on the
bag. Norbest turkey’s feature the “tender timer”, which is designed to let you
know exactly when to take your turkey out of the oven. When the red pops
up, the turkey is done. It is really that simple.

4. What type of pan should I cook it in and should the pan contain a

Any pan that is big enough for your turkey to fit into, and deep enough for
all the drippings (approximately 2″ deep). Use tin foil to cover it. A rack is
not essential, but it allows for more heat circulation around the turkey and
keeps your turkey out of the drippings.

5. To stuff or not to stuff? It is your personal preference, however,
the juices
from the turkey can add tremendous flavor to your stuffing. Just make sure
to allow for more cooking time if you stuffed your turkey (about 45 minutes
to an hour).

*Always make sure you follow the safe handling procedures found on all
Norbest products.

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