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Not baking bread? Here are 10 easy recipes using a can of Pillsbury Crescents

Dinner is so much easier when half the work is already done! Here are 10 recipes that use a can of Pillsbury Crescents.

By Lauren Tippetts

Making bread from scratch isn’t for the faint of heart. So if you’re not a part of the bread making revolution of 2020, you can totally get on board with these recipes. A can of Pillsbury Crescents can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! So we rounded up 10 ideas to put into your rotation. Just researching these recipes made our mouths water!




Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Crescent Rolls

Bacon, eggs, cheese, it’s the perfect breakfast trifecta! Whip these up and you’ll have some on hand for those days when making a big morning meal just isn’t going to happen.


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Taco Crescent Ring

Taco Tuesday just got a makeover! Turn everyone’s favorite handheld meal into an even more appealing crescent ring.



Chicken Parm Crescent Bake

This is everyone’s favorite Italian-style dinner, finished off with a flaky crescent topping! Utilize pre-made everything for this recipe. Or, go gourmet and make the other ingredients yourself!



Crescent Roll Chicken Pot Pie

A handheld Chicken Pot Pie is our new favorite way to make this classic meal. All the savory flavors wrapped up in Pillsbury Crescents sounds like a dinner win if there ever was one!



Philly Cheesesteak Crescent Braid

We can’t get over how gourmet this looks, but it couldn’t be easier! Just make the filling, wrap ‘er up, bake, and you’ve got yourself a statement-making dinner.




Crescent Roll Churros

These are the easiest churros you’ll ever make. You literally just have to mix up the cinnamon-sugar topping!



Triple Berry & Cream Cheese Ring

The picture had us sold on this one. Fresh berries, cream cheese filling, sign us up! Get ready to make this all summer long.



Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Crescent Rolls

Good thing there are seven days in a week, because this is another tasty summer dessert to add to your arsenal. The tang of lemon, the sweetness of blueberries, all we can say is YUM!



S’mores Crescent Rolls

The campfire favorite comes indoors. Wrap up marshmallows and chocolate in soft, pillow-y crescent dough for an at-home alternative to the classic s’more.



Pillsbury Crescent Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Bake up a batch of delicious cinnamon rolls without the laborious dough making process! Plus, mini means you can have more!

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