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Not feeling a workout? These 5 Pilates benefits are perfect for a healing body

Pilates benefits many aspects of your total health.

Some days, you just aren’t feeling a workout. You may even be coming back from an injury! If that’s the case, Pilates is a great way to boost your recovery. It helps you become more aware of your body and its movements.

Tamra Stephenson shares all the benefits of Pilates. She shares how it reduces inflammation, and different modifications you can make based on your skill level and condition. She also shares how Pilates has helped in her fitness journey.

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Tamra Stephenson has been a certified STOTT Pilates instructor for 11 years, as well as a personal trainer. She loves all things in the sunshine and outdoors. During the day, Tamra is the Program and Events Director for Dig Paddlesports, and she also teach paddle-board Pilates on the lake. 

 Tamra was diagnosed in 2012 with MS and works often with clients suffering from chronic illness.  She currently teach Pilates classes at Awaken Studios in St. George, Utah. 

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