Novasure: Relief From Menstrual Bleeding

A new in-office medical procedure could be the answer to women suffering
with heavy menstrual bleeding. Dr. Andrea Smith from Millcreek Women’s
Center explains how Novasure can help.

Many women’s lives are greatly affected by their menstrual periods. It is
amazing how women will alter their lifestyles in order to accommodate their
heavy cycles. For many women, their periods affect their quality of life with
missed social activities, time away from their families, time lost from work, or
ruined vacations. Often women don’t realize that they don’t have to accept
their heavy cycles. Many presume that their heavy cycles are just a natural
part of aging or changes they go through once they have completed their
families but are still years away from menopause.

For younger women who may still want children, there are many hormone
including birth control pills, to help with cycle control. For women who have
completed their families and are certain they do not want children in the
future, there is a one-time, five-minute procedure that can lighten or end
their heavy period. It is called Novasure. It is a simple procedure that I
perform in my office, often for the cost of an insurance copayment. The
recovery is quick and most women return to normal activities within 1-2
days. For many women, it can be a great alternative to hysterectomy, which
was, and often still is, the other option for these women.

The advantages of this procedure are that no hormones are involved, it is
effective for
90% of the women who have had it done. 97% of women who have had the
done would recommend it to a friend. Over 1 million women have had this
Novasure is right for many women, but not all. Women should discuss their
menstrual patterns with their doctor and determine if it is right an
appropriate procedure for her.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrea Smith, or find
more information about Novasure, visit www.millcreekwomenscenter

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