Nu Skin: The Difference. Demonstrated

This year Nu Skin celebrates 25 years of demonstrating a tradition of innovation with a comprehensive anti-aging product portfolio and an independent business opportunity. And Nu Skin’s global direct selling company has more than 750,000 independent representatives in 48 markets worldwide.

Elizabeth Thibaudeau, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Nu Skin, visits on Studio 5.


• Nu Skin has a great line-up of innovative products in both the personal care and nutritional supplements categories that strongly positions us to help people look better and feel better as they age – aging has never looked so good!

• There is also a growing understanding of the link between health and beauty and we have the complete product package to address this trend.

Anti-aging Beauty Products

• The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System is all the rage for an at-home spa option – and who has money for spa facials anymore?

• In as little as five minutes twice a week, you can have firmer feeling and younger looking skin – no appointment necessary.

• The Galvanic Spa uses self-adjusting micro-currents to deliver active ingredients more effectively to your skin. Galvanic treatments have been popular in European spas for more than 50 years.

• Simply select the right head, apply the gel, program the timer on the spa instrument and begin massaging your face. It’s so easy and just takes a few minutes, you don’t feel anything and the results are amazing!

• Your skin is clean and radiant , and you can notice a firmness.

• Facial Head: used with our newly formulated Facial Treatment Gels with ageLOC technology. ageLOC really has everyone excited – it is our Nu Skin’s anti-aging technology platform to target internal sources of aging.

• ageLOC: Instead of just addressing the signs of aging as they appear, Nu Skin offers new solutions that actually help slow the appearance of aging. The Galvanic gels are just the first product with ageLOC, but you’ll soon see it in more skin care products, as well as nutritional products.

• Spot-treatment head: used with Tru Face Line Corrector to help smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles by signaling collagen production

• Body Head: Designed to work with the Body Shaping Gel and will improve circulation, help remove toxins and minimize the appearance of cellulite.

Double Your Anti-aging Defenses

• Collagen and elastin are the two structural proteins in your skin that help maintain a youthful appearance.

• Tru Face Line Corrector: signals collagen production to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This product is also designed to work with the Galvanic Spa to help increase the benefit and the time to benefit.

• Tru Face Essence Ultra: puts the bounce back in your skin by restoring the elastin content. It comes in these little capsules that give you just the right amount and you use it twice a day.

• It’s also perfect to use after a Galvanic treatment when your skin is more permeable to the active ingredients.


• Healthy skin requires a good nutritional foundation.

• LifePak Nano and g3 are just two of our nutritional products and both are guaranteed to improve your antioxidants.

• The way to demonstrate how these nutritional products are making a difference is with the BioPhotonic Scanner.

• The scanner uses an LED light to measure the carotenoid antioxidants in your skin. This is very highly correlated to the carotenoids throughout your body and your overall antioxidant health.

• You’ll see your Skin Carotenoid Score improve with use of these products.

For More Information: Nu Skin will be at the Utah Valley Women’s Expo this Friday and Saturday, May 8-9 at booth E1. For more information, either contact a local Nu Skin distributor, go to the website at or call 1-800-487-1000. Or in Provo you can visit the Nu Skin Product Center at 100 West Center Street, right across from the our corporate office.

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