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On-the-Spot Service: Daily ideas to help you reach out to others

These on-the-spot service ideas will help you stay connected with friends and family.

It can be easy to feel isolated during this time of social distancing. So we wanted to find ways to be part of the helping crowd. Each day, we’ll be sharing a quick way to reach out and serve someone you know.

Daily Service Ideas

March 17

Send a quick, “how’s it going?” or share something that made you laugh. Reaching out via text could brighten someone’s day.

March 19

Staying home means we can’t support local businesses like we used to. Post about your favorite shops or restaurants online!

March 20

We all have neighbors who need to stay in their homes for their own health and safety. Check and see what they need from the store!

March 23

Schools are under a soft closure order, but they are still serving lunches. Help your local school serve food to kids who need it.

March 24

Local businesses need our support! Grab a gift card from your favorite restaurant or shopping spot to use later. Or, give it to someone as a pick-me-up!

March 25

Our medical professionals are working tirelessly to keep us all healthy, at personal risk to themselves. Make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

March 26

You may have family members who live far away. Or, they may live close by, but you can’t visit. Write them a handwritten letter. In the age of technology, there’s nothing like old fashioned snail mail.

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