bag straps

One purse, endless possibilities! Here are 7 stylish bag straps to clip on

Bag straps are the newest accessory trend, and we’re all over it!

Change up the look of your favorite bag with a new strap! Companies are coming out with fun designs that you can clip on to whatever bag you want. They make even the cheapest purse look designer!

Mindy Dunyon shares seven of her favorite styles. She shares some cute prints and patterns, different widths and lengths, and what to look for in a good bag strap.


Shopping Guide

Salt Handwoven Straps, $138

Cheetah Strap, $24.99

Python Strap, $24.99

Spotted Calf Hair Bag Strap, $18

Black & Cream Crossbody Bag Strap, $42

Wide Striped Purse Strap, $14.99

Pink Purse Strap, $9.99