Online Extra: A Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Studio 5 Contributor Sue Neal says why siesta…when you can fiesta!


• Use your Piñata as inspiration. All that beautiful, colorful and delicate tissue paper is perfect for taking a theme throughout the party. It’s inexpensive and we usually have it around the house. Use it for the invitations, home décor and anything else you can think of.

• Use the Pinata favor (below) as a cute invitation. Just roll up your invitation and slip it through the roll.

• Create a Farolitos (small white sack with sand at the bottom and a tea light) and leave it on the porch at night for a really memorable invitation.

• Papercraft invitations and food picks with sombrero die-cuts and bright colored cardstock.

Invitation Idea:

• Download text or create your own text (I used LD Hot Betty free font)

• Print “It’s Fiesta Time!” on Yellow paper and black ink. Trim to measure approx. 8″ x 2 ¾”.

• Die-cut a 1 ¾” sombrero with black cardstock ( Cricut personal die-cutting machine and Graphically Speaking cartridge). Mat with pink cardstock and adhere to corner of “Fiesta” with foam squares.

• Cut a 8 ½” x 6″ piece of black cardstock and fold in half lengthwise to create card.

• Cut 8 ½” x ¾” strips from pink, orange and green cardstock and adhere to front of card.

• Adhere yellow piece in center of card.


• Click HERE to view the recipe for Honey-Butter Mexican Shrimp Tacos

• Click HERE to view the recipe for Fresh Mango Salsa
• Click HERE to view the recipe for Creamy Tomatillo Dressing
• Click HERE to view the recipe for Lime Crema

Food Pick Instructions:

1. Download text or create your own text (I used LD Hot Betty free font)

2. Print food name with black ink on white cardstock to measure approx. 1 ¾” wide. Trace banner with pencil and trim.

3. Die-cut a 1 ¾” sombrero with black cardstock (Cricut personal die-cutting machine and Graphically Speaking cartridge). Mat with different colored cardstock.

4. Use 8″ lollipop sticks and adhere sombreros and food banners to top of pick with mini glue dots.

Free Downloads:

• Click HERE to download a Guacamole Food Pick

• Click HERE to download a Mango Salsa Food Pick

• Click HERE to download a Tomatillo Food Pick

• Click HERE to download a Lime Crema Food Pick

• Click HERE to download a Fiesta Time Food Pick


• Farolitos* (or luminaries) are inexpensive, easy and add a lot of ambiance.

• Getting a variety of Cactus is a natural way of decorating.

• Pull together some or your Mexican souvenirs, or ask neighbors and friends for theirs.

• Tissue Paper Flowers are big, bold and colorful.

• Let your Piñata be the star of the table, it’s big, colorful and says “FUN”.

• Create Paper banners and string along a wall.


• Nothing sets the mood more for a themed party than music, especially Mariachi music. It’s happy, celebratory and you immediately feel like you’re on vacation! Search under “Mariachi” at itunes. Cielito Lindo is a recognizable Mexican song.


• Games for Kids:

• Trivia game for adults:

• If you can handle the noise, let the children create a skit or musical presentation using some Maracas, guitars and trumpets, dressing up with ponchos and sombreros.

• Use sheets of tissue paper to create a traditional Mexican art form of folk art, called Papel Picado. Fold sheets of tissue paper and cut out designs with scissors. Unfold and hang from a wire or rope. (remember making paper snowflakes this way?)

• Leave the Piñata for last; it’s a great way to end the party. If it’s a family party, you may want to have 2 piñatas, one for the children and one for the adults. If the weather allows, it’s great (and probably safer) to do this outside.


• mini cacti

• Mariachi CD*

• Small clay pots with “Red Hots” in them*

• Mini Piñata crackers*

Tissue Fringe instructions for Piñata Favor

1. Cut a 2″ width of tissue from open end of tissue, right out of the pkg (do not unfold). Use sharp scissors to cut strips approx. 1 ½” deep. Crinkle up ends with finger and unfold.

2. Use a toilet paper roll and adhere and warp fringe around circumference of roll, starting from the outside and working in. Using a wet glue works best with this project.

3. When you get to the center, use one length of fringe and twist as you are wrapping and adhering.

4. Fill roll with candy and stuff ends with some tissue.

Tissue Flower or Pompom instructions:

1. The same steps can be used for any size flower or pompom you want to make. The smaller the square the smaller the flower. Generally, the flower will be a bit smaller than the size of the squares you cut.

2. Cut approx. 8 square (they can be more rectangle as well) sheets of tissue paper. You can use a straight cut or create prettier flowers by cutting a wavy line or using large decorative scissors. You can also wait until you’ve accordion folded the tissue and then trim each end pointy or rounded.

3. Layer sheets on top of each other and start folding accordion fashion along the entire length of tissue. Bend in the middle and secure center with a pipe cleaner or fabric wrapped florist wire.

4. Carefully start to pull tissue away from each layer, creating flower.

5. Small flowers are adorable as napkin holders, large flowers for vases and giant pompoms are dramatic to hang from the ceiling

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