Operation Smile: 1000 Smiles

For more than twenty years the non-profit organization known as Operation Smile has worked to give kids born with facial deformities new smiles. And now they are challenging Utah to step up and help provide 1000 Smiles.

KSL’s Brooke Walker and actress Roma Downey speak out about the new campaign.

Every year hundreds of thousands of children are born into poverty with severe cleft lips and cleft palates. Many can’t eat, drink or speak properly. Some even die—all because their parents can’t afford surgery. KSL has joined forces with Operation Smile to rally the great people of the Salt Lake area and around the U.S. to change the lives of 1,000 of these children through the 1,000 Smiles Campaign. Please join us. Just $240 helps provide a life-changing surgery.

Click here for more information, or to make a donation.

Be a child’s hero today!

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