Organizing the Car for Summer

Organizing the Car for Summer

Summertime, and while the livin’ is easy, keeping the car organized and ready to go can sometimes be anything but. If you want your fun-mobile to be a versatile and tidy home away from home, customize this simple solution that will help you make sure you’re ready for everything from field trips to impromptu water fights.

Whether you choose to use plastic file crates, collapsible fabric or mesh cubes, laundry baskets, reusable grocery bags or a trunk organizer, a set of three will help you create a system to keep summertime necessities at the ready. Select a container that will allow you to place three in either the trunk or cargo area.

Container #1: Supplies for Personal Care and Mess Containment and Clean-Up

This first container will hold a small convenience store of sorts. With these items on hand, not only will you always have sunscreen at the pool or a band-aid at the park, but you’ll save money to boot. Sample items for this container include—

. Sunscreen.

. After-sun lotion or gel.

. Tissues.

. Hand sanitizer.

. Insect repellent.

. A first aid kit (band-aids, pain reliever, antibiotic ointment, cleaning wipes, sting relief).

. Wet wipes and/or baby wipes.

. Extra diapers (regular and swimming).

. A change of clothing (at least a clean shirt) per child.

. Small garbage bags (wet/dirty clothing and shoes, wet towels, trash, etc.).

. Water bottles.

. Snacks (ones that can withstand high heat, such as pretzels, individual packs of crackers/cookies, cereal bars, etc.).

Container #2: Fun and Games

To make sure you have plenty of entertainment on hand, you can have a container full of things like—

. A Frisbee.

. A football.

. Blow-up toys and floaties for the pool.

. Extra swimming towels.

. Kites.

. Water guns or toys.

Container #3: Picnic Items

To stay well-prepared and well-stocked for picnics, fill your third container with—

. Picnic blankets.

. Disposable table coverings.

. Paper towels.

. Extra paper products (plates, cups, napkins, utensils).

In addition to these containers, you may wish to carry a couple of camp chairs so you always have some seating on hand.

Have a great summer, and happy organizing!


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