Organizing Your Linen Closet

It’s a closet that can easily turn into a catch-all!

Professional Organizer Leeanne Jacobs shares tips for organizing the linen

Has your linen closet become a catch-all for all sorts of things? It’s easy to
take back your linen closet and have room for the things that really belong

Start by emptying the entire closet. This shows you how much
space you really have to work with. Decide at this point what items will be
going back into the closet, what things will be moved somewhere else and
what things will be thrown out or donated.

Search your home for containers to use in your linen closet. If you
need to purchase some, make sure to take measurements so you know they
fit well. Veronica already had the natural colored baskets. I purchased the
green baskets at Michael’s for 50% off. The glass jars are in the kitchen
section at Target for $5 each.

Label the containers so the whole family knows where things belong.
There are oodles of free printable labels on line. I found these at htt

Package the sheets within the pillowcase so you have the complete set
all together.
No more digging through piles hunting for a matching set.

I like rolling towels for more space. We were able to fit 5 rolled
towels across the bottom of the basket, which means the basket could easily
hold 10 towels. Plus it’s easy to grab a towel without disturbing the rest.

I absolutely love an over-the-door shoe organizer. It’s perfect for holding
extra bathroom supplies and small travel size toiletries. I like to attach it to
the door with Command hooks instead of the hooks that hang over the door.
You can use the one with clear pockets to show the supplies or a fabric one
to hide the what’s inside.

With just a few supplies and an hour or two you can have your linen closet
whipped into shape!

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