Michelle Crowley

Michelle’s happiest days have always been the ones when she gets to create something beautiful. Creation looks different every day. Some days she’s sewing intricate details on draperies, sometimes she’s laying tile, or creating wall art, or creating a fabulous backdrop for a wedding. Often there are wonderful fabrics, or pretty flowers, or gorgeous paints involved. And hopefully power tools. She loves a good power tool!

The only thing that makes Michelle even happier than creating beautiful things and spaces, is creating opportunities for connection with all the people she loves. Gathering her family, her friends, and often even people she doesn’t know yet fills up her soul. Michelle loves to host and entertain and is constantly bringing people together for huge parties, intimate dinners for 6. . . or 20, or just to hang out on the huge porch of their Pineview lake house.

Michelle loves to be with her husband Matt, an extreme adventure guy, and their two daughters; Kate (21), Lexi (26) and her son in law Mason. . . and now best of all, her grandson Calvin.

When Michelle is not creating or hosting, she loves to be learning, always listening to a book or podcast. She’s also a skier, wake surfer, hiker, biker, and lover of traveling to far away places as often as possible.

Long before launching MM Crowley Design, Michelle’s interior and creative design workshop, Michelle graduated with a degree in Design from BYU. But then she jumped in a very different direction, launching a successful career as an Advertising Executive, Marketing Director, and Publicist. Then just as she was beginning to enjoy a planned break from working – she took another huge professional pivot instead, serving as a Founder, Board Member and Board President of a successful Utah Charter School.

Through all the career moves Michelle never stopped creating, designing, building, and making. Eventually in 2016 she made her way back to her design roots with her company, MM Crowley Design, specializing in creating unique and custom designs for interiors and events.