Out-of-the-box Beauty Solutions

Studio 5 Executive Producer, Michelle Kettle Torsak shares the best “out-of-the-box” beauty solutions.

1. Hem Tape: This double stick hem tape from Bristols 6, temporarily alters jeans so that you can take them from heels to flats.

Purchasing Info: www.bristols6.com/html/hemtape.php; $12

2. The Bosom Button: The Bosom Button was made to minimize cleavage on your favorite low cut tops. It eliminates the need to manipulate a safety pin or wear a camisole.

Purchasing Info: www.bosombutton.com/; $12 for individual buttons

3. Fast Fix Buttons: A temporary button replacement that you pin to your shirt, no sewing required.

Purchasing Info: www.fastfixbuttons.com/; $4.95 plus shipping & handling

4. Ardell Colour Off: Removes permanent and semi-permanent stains from hair color.

Purchasing Info: www.gotbeauty.com; $1 per packet

5. The Original Gal Pal: A deodorant remover that buffs away white deodorant residue.

Purchasing Info: www.gal-pal.com; $10

6. Bootights: Combine the fashion of tights with the function of socks for a warm, dry, comfortable fit.

Purchasing Info: available at Dillard’s; $30

7. Simple Division Garment Organizers: Closet dividers that allow you to organize your closets like a pro.

Purchasing Info: www.clutterdiet.com; $9.99

8. Woolite Dark: Detergent that doesn’t contain bleach, phosphates or enzymes which fade clothes.

Purchasing Info: Grocery Stores/Drugstores; $11.99

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