Vincent Surgical Arts: SwiftLift

Dr. Drake Vincent from Vincent Surgical Arts tells us about a relatively new procedure that can remove those jowls and tighten your upper neck without being out of action for weeks.

Dr. Vincent says this is the perfect procedure for someone who simply wants to look really good for their age. It’s called SwiftLift, which is a revolutionary one-hour out-patient procedure that is a modification of today’s standard facelift. It is fast becoming the state-of-the-art procedure for sagging skin of the lower face because it has minimal down time, it’s done under conscious sedation, and it’s very natural looking. The results aren’t that tight, pulled back look you get with other procedures because with SwiftLift Dr. Vincent actually tightens the deeper structures of the lower face which assures a long-lasting result. And, it’s all done with a simple incision by the ear.

So how long is recovery and how long does a SwiftLift last? A SwiftLift incision is about one half the length of a regular facelift incision. There is a very little, if any, incision behind the ear because it is not necessary with this procedure. The surgical time involved is shorter, resulting in less swelling, less bruising and therefore a faster recovery. Typical recovery time is a few days to a week. You can expect this procedure to last 5-10 years. After the procedure your skin will continue to age but you will never have the sagging you had before the surgery.

You’re a good SwifLift candidate if you look in the mirror and notice how much you’re starting to look like your mother, or your eyes immediately go to those deep lines around your mouth, jowls, or that gathering skin under your chin. SwiftLift is the perfect procedure when you simply want to look like you did 10 to 15 years ago.

For more information, visit When you decide you may want to do something, give them a call at 801-942-1111 and schedule a consultation. Before any treatment, Dr. Vincent begins with a private consultation where you will discuss treatment goals, preoperative care, postoperative care and the risks associated with surgery. Dr. Vincent encourages you to look at patient photos to help illustrate what can and cannot be accomplished through cosmetic surgery. The decision to move forward will rest entirely upon you.

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