Outdoor Louvered Roofs

Now, a new kind of roof allows you to control the sun and protection you want on our patio or deck.

Pergolas offer no weather protection, solid roofs make home interiors dark and gloomy, particularly in winter months and retractable or canvas awnings are useless during strong breezes or wind and require regular replacement from fading and rot.

Enter the Equinox Louvered Roof. Homeowners and businesses wanting the best of all worlds can now control their outdoor living spaces at a temperature and light level that’s comfortable year-round. The Equinox opening roof has many advantages over traditional shade options.
The Equinox adjustable roof can withstand the elements year-round with no maintenance, offers shade or sunlight on demand, is completely waterproof when closed and can be remotely operated. Most importantly, the Equinox system is versatile enough to accommodate any architectural style.
Whether you have a gable or pitched roof, bay windows or doors, or an angled roof or walls, a system can be engineered to suit your design and lifestyle needs.

An Equinox louvered roof system not only improves your decks, patios and outdoor areas, they also help inside too; they block the sun’s powerful rays protecting expensive window coverings, carpets and furniture from fading and damage. In addition, your home or business’s exterior walls will be protected from solar heat gain thereby reducing your summer cooling costs.

Finally, the Equinox Louvered Roof system is solar powered for the ultimate in energy efficiency, ease of operation and lasting durability.

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