Timeless Hardwood Flooring

Charles Endicott, with Timeless Hardwoods, shows some of the new trends in flooring.

Timeless Hardwoods is proud to be a nominee in the 2009 NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) Floor of the Year Contest

Hardwood Floors are Green Home Friendly:

Because wood floors are a natural resource, they are renewable and recyclable making them ecologically friendly.

Real Wood Floors contain thousands of tiny air chambers per cubic inch. This unique feature allows you flooring to act as an insulator and actually helps maintain a more consistent room temperature saving you energy costs.

Our Vacuum Assisted Dustless Sanding system will help prevent airborne dust particles from spreading throughout the home or workplace.

Allergies or Asthma

Carpet can be harsh for those with allergies because it is a source for dust mites, pet dander, mold and mildew. Hardwood floors have no place for these to linger or hide and therefore create a cleaner and healthier home for you and your loved ones.

Add Value to your Home

Hardwood floors will last a lifetime and increase your home value by double your wood flooring investment. While other types of flooring wear out and need replacing, Hardwood Floors maintain their beauty and value while adding warmth to your home.

Hardwood Floors offer an unlimited selection of species, stains, finishes and designs. We at Timeless Hardwoods are experts in providing you with a quality flooring that will fit your budget.

For more information, you can contact Charles at www.timelesshardwoods.com or you can call (801)302-2100.

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