Oversized Wall Photo

It’s a super hot Do It Yourself project on many of your Pinterest boards! A larger than life photo print, perfect for any little girl’s bedroom!

Blogger Staci Potter with the Potter’s Place shares tips and tricks to make your own oversized wall photo and frame.

Start out with your favorite picture printed out at Staples. It is huge 36″X48″ and is called an engineering print. It is not printed on your typical picture paper it is printed on paper they use to make blue prints. It can only be printed in black and white and if you look really close it is a little grainy.

For the frame (around $4) you will need: two 1X4 pieces of wood. I found 8ft long boards so I only needed two. The ones I used are called Super Strip and they were $2 each.

Cut the wood into four pieces. After you make your first 45 degree cut, two boards should be 31 inches on the shorter side and the other two boards should be 46 3/4 inches. See my blog for a picture.

Then, glue the ends together and hammer in corner holders. You could also use flat L brackets.

Paint and distress your frame.

To finish, add hanging hardware and tape your pic (I used painters tape) onto the back of the frame. This is the easiest way to do it. I’m sure there are better ways but since the print only cost $7.29, I can change it out at any time or if it gets ruined, I can print it again!

For more DIY projects stop by my blog, thepotters-place.com.

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