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Pack better school lunches! Here are 8 ways to elevate your kids’ lunchbox

These ideas will help you pack better school lunches.

School is in session, and so are the back-to-school packed lunch ideas.

Kristen Fuller shares her hacks for packing better school lunches for kids of all ages.

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How to Pack Better School Lunches

  1. Pack- age-appropriate lunches.
  2. Make it colorful.
  3. Draw them in quick before they lose interest.
  4. Pack each bite with nutritional value. Make it count.
  5. Read the back of the ingredient label when getting packaged foods.
  6. Always a protein source, whole grain, and fruit or veggie.
  7. Use a fun lunchbox with compartment.
  8. Get the kids involved if they want to.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Hack: Choose a wheat bread. Cut the crusts off and roll both slices totally flat. Spread peanut butter, honey, and jam on the slices. Layer them together and roll up like a sushi roll. Cut into individual slices and place in lunch box.

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