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One page of sticker dots, endless fun! These 5 learning activities will keep kids busy

Activities with sticker dots are fun and educational for kids!

We know it’s easier for toddlers to learn when they are having fun doing it! One Mom says it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to come up with fun activities. Sticker dots are her secret to help kids learn colors, letters, numbers, or even their name. You’re going to want to keep some markers and sticker dots handy.

Early Childhood Education Expert Kelsey Cook shares some fun, yet easy learning activities. “I love dot stickers because they are easy for kids to manipulate and easy/cheap to find. They are so versatile and can be used to practice fine motor skills, math, early reading, letter recognition, name practice, and so much more. I love to have them on hand for quick and easy activities,” says Kelsey.

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5 Kids Activities Using Sticker Dots 


All you need is an easel paper roll, sticker dots, and markers! We recommend the Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers.


Number Shamrocks

Draw shamrocks of different colors. In the center of each shamrock write a number, let your child put the correct number of dot stickers on each.


Fine Motor Lines Activity

Draw four different types of lines on paper in different colors. Let child match the same color sticker, following the line.


Name Practice Activity

Write child’s name in big block letters. Then write each letter of their name on multiple dot stickers. Let them match the corresponding stickers to letters on the paper.


Rainbow Color Activity

Draw a rainbow and make a pattern on half of rainbow with the stickers. Have your child repeat the same pattern on other side.



Easter Egg Activity with Letters

Draw an Easter egg and write each letter of the alphabet inside. Then write a letter on each sticker. Have your child match the letters.

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