Paint Magic: Creating a Designer Wall

Suzy Eaton, author of “Whisper Painting” shares the steps for creating your very own designer wall.


Texture can be a great way to add detail to a plain surface. This project is so easy and fun and will transform something very dull and flat into an inexpensive elegant showpiece. This technique can be used in a small area or over an entire wall.

What you will need to get started:

• Dimensional paint, color of choice

• Masking tape

• Metallic glaze, gold

• Paper plate

• Pencil

• Sea sponge

• Spackle knife, 6″

• Stencil

Instructions for completing your very own designer project:

Step #1: Tape the stencil in desired portion of mantel.

Step #2: Squeeze dimensional paint onto a paper plate.

Step #3: Using the spackle knife, evenly spread dimensional paint over the stencil.

Step #4: Carefully remove the stencil and tape in the next spot on the mantel. Continue this process until your design is finished.

Step #5: Allow to dry for approximately four hours.

Step #6: Wet the sea sponge and wring until damp. Dip into the gold metallic glaze and cover the stenciled design, allowing the glaze to catch the edges of the design. Note: If you feel the color is too dark, use the opposite side of the sponge to wipe off glaze to desired effect.

Step #7: Subtly glaze the rest of mantel with metallic gold to blend in with the stenciled design.


Suzy Eaton has other great projects which can be seen in her book “Whisper
Painting” published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York

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