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Make your partner your best friend. 4 ways to recommit to your marriage for lasting love

When your partner is your best friend, you want to share important moments with them.

A love that lasts. A love that stands the test of time. That’s what we all hope for, and we want it for our kids and our grandkids, too.

Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend says more and more of his clients are suffering from what he calls a “crisis of love.” They aren’t sure they can make marriage-for-life really work. He believes anyone can make it work, they just need to recommit.

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How to Recommit to Your Marriage for Lasting Love

Committing to Recommit

To make marriages work, Matt urges couples to commit consciously to reorder their love: 1. Closeness 2. Commitment 3. Chemistry. Instead of putting chemistry first, like so many do, he advocates for prioritizing companionship. This commitment involves rediscovering shared interests, engaging in joint activities, and, essentially, dating each other again.

BFFs in Love

Matt wants you to make your partner your Best Friend Forever. He encourages couples to share their lives, thoughts, and feelings, ensuring that the partner becomes the first person to hear about significant moments and experiences.

Emotional Intimacy and Attachment

Matt believes in the importance of safely attaching to your partner, and he stresses the importance of vulnerability. Recommending tools like “Love Lingual” cards, he suggests engaging in conversations that foster a deeper understanding of each other’s fears, embarrassments, and desires.

Growing Passion through Compassion

Matt emphasizes the need to cultivate both passion and compassion. He encourages couples to inject novelty and risk into their lives to reignite chemistry. By engaging in new and exciting activities together, couples can create shared experiences that deepen their emotional connection.

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