Pansies: Time To Plant!

Learn about planting pansies and join Engh Gardens for their Pansy Festival.


Planting Pansies

Now is the time to plant pansies! When the weather gets hot, most pansies flower less and become leggy. When they begin to fade, cut the plants way back, feed them well, and as the cooler days arrive, your reward will be vigorous new shoots and flowers. Pansies are heavy feeders; feed them with Premium Bedding Plant Food. You can find blossoms in every color imaginable- blue, yellow, purple, lavender, rust, pink, orange, bronze, white, and even black. The variety of different pansies and violas is staggering. Some pansies are true giants, while violas are much smaller.

Majestic Giant personifies the idea that bigger is better-pansies don’t get any bigger than this. Majestic Giants is an old favorite and the standard giant pansy with flowers up to 4 inches across. All the blooms have faces, called blotches. The large showy blooms of the pansy were developed in the 1830s. By 1840 there were 400 named varieties. Pansies were cultivated from the tiny viola tricolor, also called kiss-me-quick, heartsease, johnny-jump-up, cupid’s flower, tickle-my-fancy and many more.

Not only are pansies beautiful, they are edible!! Use pansies to decorate cakes, candies and cookies or freeze them in an ice ring.

Recipe for Crystallizing Pansies:

Wash carefully and let dry completely. Carefully brush front and back with lightly beaten egg white. Sprinkle with extra-fine sugar until completely coated. Place on a sheet of waxed paper. Set them in a dry place for eight hours, or until flowers feel crisp. Use on cakes, cookies, ice cream, and hors d’oeurves.

Engh Gardens Pansy Festival!

Friday October 5th

Edible Flowers Workshop

12:00 pm

Friday October 5th

Pansy Bingo
1:00-3:00 pm

Saturday October 6th

Ideas for using Black Pansies
All day

Thursday October 11th

Kid’s Club Storytime
4:00 pm

(Pansy King and How to make a Sleeping Beauty Bulb Doll)

Friday October 12th Pansy Bingo
1:00-3:00 pm

Saturday October 13th

Spring Bulbs and Pansies Workshop
12:00 pm


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