October Theme: Think Big

We hope the new theme will motivate and inspire…invite you to dream and grow.
Simply put — we hope you “Think Big.”


Big. It’s a word that usually implies size or proportion.
But this month on Studio 5, the word “big” becomes a way of mind.
We’re using October as a time to “Think Big.”

Melanie Douglass, Studio 5 Health & Fitness Contributor: “October is all about small things that add up to make a big difference. Like when you go to a sporting event—October is all football games—small things, really painless things you can do to save your health and you can still enjoy the fun of the game. We’re also going to talk about stepping. Using a step in your home—you could use your stairs or a step, but it’s a simple form of exercise that has really big results. We’ll reveal five simple things you can do to make a big impact on your health.

Laura Wolford, Studio 5 Kitchen Contributor: “For October, if you think big in the kitchen, you can have so much fun. Think Big is such a great idea in the kitchen, because ea lot of people get nervous about cooking and especially around the holidays. We’re going to Think Big this month and talk about how to do a dinner party idea—like a book club, but all of these people that like to cook can get together and do a fun dinner party. .”

Omar Mendez, Studio 5 Style Contributor: “I’m going to show you how you can achieve volume with your hair by using hot rollers or an iron in order to get that big hair.”

Dr. Liz Hale, Studio 5 Psychologist: “The thing about dreaming big is you relay have to keep your focus and that’s the tough part because we have so much pressure on us. We have our own self doubts and the nay-sayers. You really have to keep the goal in front of you, push out some of those nay-sayers and here’s the tricky part—be flexible. Because sometimes when you shoot for the moon, you man land on a star and that could be the best dream possible, that you haven’t even thought of.”

Laura Wolford, Studio 5 Contributor: “We’ll make it easy. We’ll think big, but we’ll make it easy.”

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