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Pantone Beauty: Toned down ways to wear “Very Peri” on your face this year

It’s always fun to try out Pantone beauty trends.

With the color of the year comes the opportunity to use it in many different aspects of life. One is fashion, one is home décor, and we always pull it into our beauty bags. This year’s color pick might be a little reminiscent of the 80’s, but you give it a modern spin in 2022.

Studio 5 Style & Beauty Contributor Megan Moore shares how to pull Very Peri into your makeup routine. You don’t have to go full glam to use this purple-y color. Just subtle touches keep it toned down, but pretty. Nail color is always a great way to use the color of the year!

Find more beauty advice from Megan at, or on Instagram, @beautysnoop.

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