Paper Crafts Magazine: Online Card Swap

Paper Crafts Pro Susan Neal explains how to host or participate in an online card swap.

How to Host a Swap

1. Pick a theme for your swap (thank you, birthday, Christmas, cool color combinations, tags, recipe cards etc.). Write clear instructions specifying how many participants will be involved, and when the projects are due.

2. Create your online swap group at Post your theme and instructions on the site. The online swap will only allow the specified number of participants to sign up.

3. Keep in close contact with your swappers. Email your participants, welcoming them to the swap and giving them your address (so they know where to ship their projects). It is helpful to send a reminder email to your swappers a week before their projects are due.

4. Keep a list of your participants so you can keep track of whose packages have arrived. Once all of the projects have arrived, make sure each package has return postage and proper mailing information.

5. Swap cards by stacking each person’s cards on a flat surface. Pull one card from each pile to create a mixed pile for each person. Place stacks in envelopes and mail.

How to Participate in a Swap

1. Visit for a list of available swaps. Before you join, check your calendar to ensure you will be able to make the specified deadline.

2. Follow the web site’s prompts to join the swap.

3. Begin creating your projects. Keep your design simple and assemble using the assembly line method, which saves time and money.

4. Include an insert with each card indicating your name, email address, name of swap, date and other basic information on how and what you used to make your card.

5. Place all cards in a zip lock bag and then in a 6″ x 9″ padded envelope (this allows enough room for a variety of sized cards on return). Include a return address label and enough postage to send back to you.

For more information about Paper Crafts swaps go to

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