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Parenting High Schoolers: 7 ways you can help them thrive in this time of life

Parenting high schoolers can be tricky at times.

We know navigating the world of teenagers can be tough. With the start of the school year, the worries can multiply.

Author Brooke Romney shares her wisdom for parenting high schoolers in this modern age.

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Advice for Parenting High Schoolers

In a world that’s constantly changing, the teenage years can feel like uncharted territory for both parents and teens. Brooke recognizes the unique challenges teenagers are confronted with today, from social pressures to the ever-present influence of social media. She understands that parents have their hands full trying to guide their teens through these complex waters.

The Impact of Social Media

While social media often takes the spotlight as a defining factor in the teenage experience, Brooke points out another significant difference from her own era. Today’s parents not only see their own children’s experiences, but are also privy to the activities of their friends’ kids. This added layer of comparison and visibility can tug at a parent’s heartstrings, creating unique dynamics in this modern landscape.

Encouraging Teen Thriving

Brooke Romney shares how parents can empower their high schoolers to thrive during these transformative years.

  1. Live Your Values: Remind your teens to uphold their values, not only at home, but also at school. This consistency builds confidence and genuine connections.
  2. Prepare for Ups and Downs: It’s essential to teach your teens that life is a mix of good and bad days. Embracing both sides helps them navigate challenges with resilience.
  3. Assume the Best: Encourage your high schoolers to adopt a positive outlook on interactions with peers, teachers, and administrators. This optimistic approach helps build trust and authentic relationships.
  4. Look for the Lonely: Teach your teens to extend kindness to those who may feel left out. This not only benefits the lonely individual but also nurtures the giver’s confidence and sense of purpose.
  5. Take Initiative and Be Brave: Encourage your teens to step out of their comfort zones, participate, and make connections. Being authentic and brave in social situations can lead to enriching experiences.
  6. Embrace Differences: Encourage your teens to look beyond their usual circles and be open to forming connections with diverse individuals. This broadens their horizons and enriches their social experience.
  7. Choose to Cheer: Cultivate a positive attitude and celebrate the successes of others. By being supportive and kind, your teens will attract positive energy and build meaningful friendships.

As the new school year dawns, remember that you’re not alone in this journey. Use Brooke’s advice to help you and your high schoolers thrive during these transformative years.

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