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‘Be part of something to make the world a better place.’ An On My Mind chat with Rebecca Cressman

Rebecca Cressman is the kind of woman you just want to get to know.

We invited Rebecca Cressman in for a good girlfriend heart-to-heart.

This conversation is part of an ongoing series called “On My Mind,” where we invite a woman you know and admire to share what she’s currently thinking about.


The Woman Behind the Voice

Rebecca’s energy as the midday host of FM 100.3 has the power to brighten your day and warm up your drive. She spreads her sunshine both locally and internationally. Rebecca frequently travels to South America to perform humanitarian missions. She’s also a public advocate for women’s health after her own personal battle with breast cancer. She’s a wife, a mom, and a grandma too. There’s so much to love about this lady we call “walking sunshine.”

Professional Thoughts

In this unstructured, unscripted, good girlfriend chat, Rebecca shared her thoughts relating to her profession. Working in radio, she gets to interview people who want to make the world a better place. Whether it’s leading non-profits, feeding the hungry, or raising money for crises like the fires in Maui, these conversations balance her and remind her of the good in the world.

“Goodness gracious. I’ve had heavy,” Rebecca said, “I know what heavy feels like. I think we have to purposely seek out being a part of something and connecting with people to make the world a better, lighter place.”

Personal Reflections

On a personal note, Rebecca shared her joy of being a grandma. She cherishes every moment, whether it’s ice cream or a facial with a grandchild. Her grandchildren bring her immense joy and wonder, and she feels blessed to have them in her life.

“Being a cancer survivor, I cherish every moment. In truth, this life is very precious,” Rebecca shared.

Growth and Personal Development

Rebecca is a person who constantly pushes herself toward the next goal. After chemo and a car accident, she had to redefine who she was. Despite these challenges, she continues to do the things that give her joy and allow her to connect with others.

“If I’m not 100% of what I was before, 90% of me is okay, or 80% of me is okay,” Rebecca explained, “So that’s been a big ‘aha’ for me. That sense of continuing to try to do the things that give me joy and allowing it to not be as perfect as it used to be.”

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