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Practical Patio Makeover: 3 updates that will transform your outdoor space

You don’t need to buy all new furniture for this patio makeover.

You might be convinced you need new patio furniture… until you see this. One Studio 5 guest worked a miracle just by dusting off her old set.

When one project leads to another, Studio 5 creative guest Risa Baker might inspire you with her very practical patio makeover.

Find more creative ideas from Risa on Instagram, @restlessrisa_risabaker.


Patio Makeover Inspiration

Patio Furniture


BBQ Station



Risa Baker is an avid decorator and DIYer. She loves to plan a party and is cultivating her skills as a graphic designer. Risa is a mother to three, and obsessed with her new golden doodle pup. She lives with her family in Kaysville, Utah. Find Risa on Instagram at @restlessrisa_risabaker, and her Etsy shop at\shop\risadesign.

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