patio layouts

Take the party outside! 5 patio layouts for an inviting space

These patio layouts will keep the party going!

Most of the time — patio time is talking time. People gather and chat and eat. You can do more to arrange even the most basic patio furniture in welcoming ways to promote conversation, make guests feel comfortable and want to linger.

Designer Melissa Reynolds is helping us make a plan.

Find more design inspiration from Melissa at, or on Instagram, @brasshouseinteriors.

Grab the patio umbrella Melissa mentioned at World Market.


Melissa is an interior designer with over 10 years experience in the industry and believes expertly created designs do not have to be expensive to achieve the feel you want for your home. Melissa is passionate about creating spaces you can feel comfortable in that best represents your personality and lifestyle. Melissa specializes in e-designs, which is an online approach to interior design. Everything is sourced and created online, allowing the client to take the design and move at their own pace and as their budget allows. You can find more about Melissa’s services at @brasshouseinteriors and at

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