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Patriotic Planters: Here’s how to stage them for a temporary holiday look

Set the Fourth of July stage with some patriotic planters!

Reach beyond the traditional flags and sparklers this Fourth of July and show your patriotic pride with red, white, and blue flowers. It’s our favorite way to decorate for the holiday.

Becky Nyman, floral and design specialist with Sun River Garden, shared some party and patio inspiration for patriotic planters.


Planter Tablescape

If you’re hosting a Fourth of July party, try a tablescape bursting with flowers. Patriotic planters are simple, easy, and versatile, making them the perfect choice for holiday decor.

When setting up a food table, consider using low planters so that guests can maintain eye contact while dining. These can be placed right in the middle of the table. The key is to keep them low and long, and use multiple planters.

Staging vs. Planting

Staging plants, rather than planting them, is a method Becky often uses. You can stage your flowers in the planter, use it for the occasion, and then move the plants somewhere else later. Keep them in their original plastic containers and place them in your pot. If you want, you can add some moss around it for a more finished look. This makes it so you can change the arrangement without committing to it for the entire season.

A Patriotic Pop

If you don’t want to get overly thematic… make your arrangements more sophisticated, but make make them pop for the holiday with a flag.

Adding embellishments like flags and ribbons gives your tablescape a patriotic touch without overdoing it. You can also pull in the theme using napkins, tablecloths, and other embellishments.

Cluster and Group

Try clustering and grouping items to make a significant statement. For example, you can take a lot of one item and put it in a single location.

Find more inspiration from Sun River Garden on Instagram, @sunrivergardens.

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