peach fuzz in interior design

Peach Fuzz in Interior Design: Simple ways to add this color into your space

Using Peach Fuzz in interior design doesn’t have to be bold.

Peach Fuzz is not just for beauty and fashion, but also home design.

Liz Powell shares ways to embrace the color of the year in your home design. She says this color represents the broader trend toward warmer colors.

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How to Incorporate Peach Fuzz in Interior Design

Embracing Warmth in Home Design

Warm tones, according to Liz, have the ability to brighten and cozy up spaces. Clients seeking a cozier feel are being drawn to warmer hues, moving away from the cool grays and whites that dominated previous years. This shift aligns with the desire for a homier ambiance that warm tones provide.

Beyond Peach: Expanding the Palette

While Peach Fuzz takes center stage, Liz encourages homeowners not to limit themselves to this particular shade. She suggests exploring a tonal range of warmer grays, tans, browns, and reds. This broader palette allows individuals to find a tone that resonates with their preferences and easily integrates into their homes.

Blending Textures for Depth

Liz advises against going full-on peach or brown but rather blending various textures and materials. The 80’s stark division between peach and mint green is replaced with a more nuanced approach. Layering accessories, experimenting with textures on pillows and throws, and incorporating patterned rugs allow for a harmonious blend without overwhelming the space.

Timeless vs. Trendy Design

Liz introduces the concept of timeless and trendy design, categorizing warm tones like Peach Fuzz as trendy. While these colors may follow a trend cycle every five to seven years, Liz suggests treating them as supporting roles in the overall design. Key pieces such as art or rugs with a mix of colors, including warm tones, act as unifying elements.

Small Doses and Supporting Roles

For those hesitant to fully commit to Peach Fuzz, Liz recommends introducing the color in smaller doses through accessories or a focal point. Paint, being a cost-effective and reversible choice, offers a statement-making option for those ready to embrace the trend.

Liz emphasizes the importance of loving the pieces you bring into your home, whether timeless or trendy. While Peach Fuzz might be the color of the year, it’s the personal connection and joy it brings that really matter in the world of design.

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