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Drop some pennies in your vase of spring tulips! 6 tricks for working with this bloom

Here’s how to make spring tulips shine.

We’ve all heard the adage, “find a penny, pick it up…” and we are learning that those pennies can bring more than good luck. They can bring life to our floral arrangements!

Tesla Welch shares tricks to working with a favorite spring bloom – the tulip.


Tulips symbolize a perfect and deep love. What better way to welcome in the warmer weather than with love! It’s also a fun sentiment to share with the recipient of tulips.

Tricks for Working With Tulips

  1. Tulips tend to droop and point to the closest light source when cut and arranged. If you put one or two copper pennies in the bottom of the vase, the tulips will stay more upright.
  2. Tulip stems should be cut straight across and placed in cold water. Only fill your vase about 1/3 full of water and even add an ice cube or two.
  3. Either push a pin through the stem of the tulip, or make a small slice into the stem right under the flower. This releases air pockets and opens the stem up allowing more water to hydrate the bloom. They will last longer and keep the color in the petals.
  4. Tesla loves to vary the look of tulips. You can gently reflex the petals of any tulip outwards and get an entire new look to the flower. Try mixing the closed and reflexed tulips in the same arrangement.
  5. Try submersing tulips in the inside a clear bowl, and then place a smaller bowl inside to hold the tulips in place. Simply float candles in the center and the blooms will still last a few days completely submersed. Tesla likes this technique for an elevated and modern display.
  6. Peel away the bottom leaves as if husking corn. Gently pull the leaves downward and peel them off. Then just roll the leaves up and pin them. Add them to a floral foam arrangement and you have double the width with the same amount of flowers.

For more of Tesla’s floral design ideas, visit her on Instagram @bloomsbytesla.

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