grandkid gallery wall

Create a grandkid gallery wall on the fridge! Unique ways to display grandchild photos

A grandkid gallery wall is the perfect place to display your favorite photos.

The tradition of Nanas putting photos of their grandkids on the refrigerator is a heartwarming display of love. It is a symbol of the close bond between grandparents and grandchildren. This tradition often starts with the arrival of the first grandchlid and continues as each new addition to the family brings joy and excitement.  It celebrates the special connection between generations and brings warmth to the heart of every home.

Michele Bettridge shared why she displays her grandchildren’s photos as a reminder of the joy they bring to her life. She says most of us probably have thousands on our phones, but we also love to show them in a visual way to all who enter our home, especially each grandchild, how much they truly mean to us. Michele also shared creative ideas for displaying those meaningful memories.


There are ways to make the pictures into a wall clock, display on mantles, wall collages, or even  on floating shelves that make it easy to change or update the photos.

Many Nanas use technology with digital frames or Apple TV Screen Savers and that flash through a variety of pictures. Music can be added to those digital displays.

If your refrigerator is magnetic, Michele has a fun idea for making a collage with a clean design. If it isn’t magnetic, you can accomplish the same concept by attaching with other adhesive strips or take the same idea to a wall instead of a refrigerator.

Magnetic Collage Instructions

1- Gather small picture frames from your home, thrift stores, craft stores, or for a vintage look you can check out antique shops.  Just somethings that matches the style in your home.

2- Use a spray paint or a “buff and rub” product from the craft store to match the colors in your décor.

3- Crop the photos you want to display to the frames. Attach with a magnet, command strips or two-sided fiberglass mesh tape.  If you don’t want to cut the actual pictures, make a color copy and save the original in a scrapbook.

4- If you have a large group of grandkids, you may choose to display one a month or one a week and use that a chance to focus on that grandchild and maybe as a special reminder to pray specifically for their needs.

Michele also suggests using one frame to focus on an ancestor and you can share fun facts about them with your grandchildren.

Michele Bettridge is a Nana to 8 grandchildren (plus 3 bonus grandkids and 1 bonus great-grandchild). She started a blog called “Giddy Grandma” and a social media account with Facebook and Instagram in 2013 to share ideas with other grandmas to encourage them to “lean in” when it comes to building relationships with their grandkids. She can be found on social media platforms and many of her printables can be found on Etsy.  She and her husband  Steve live in Riverdale.  She still works full-time with the elderly as a life coach for those navigating dementia and then tries to spend as much time as she can planning the next event or party for her grands.

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