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Styled by: @emilythurmandesign Photography by: @lissmabey

Lean in to quiet luxury in your home! 4 home design trends emerging right now

You might want to incorporate one of these home design trends into your space.

We appreciate tastemakers to help train our eye. With new design trends emerging all the time, knowing what works well and will make our space is an artform of its own.

Brittanie Robinson is a talented designer who shared an update on all things new and noteworthy. She shared four specific trends that are catching her attention lately.


1: Fashion Colors as Home Colors

  • The fashion industry and the world of interior design are more intertwined than ever. The same rich bold tones that are being embraced on the runway are also finding their way into our living environment.
  • Brown is about to have the most major moment. Fashion has already embraced it, and now we will see it in interiors from lacquered walls to velvet drapery to heavy textured linen sofas
  • Colors/Hues: Brown, Red, Rich Jeweled tones (emerald)
  • Areas of home: lacquered walls to velvet drapery to heavy textured linen sofas.
@brittanierobinsondesign Styled by: @emilythurmandesign Photography by: @lissmabey

2: Quiet Luxury

  • Brittanie says we see a continued emphasis on refined finishes like beautiful wall paneling, plaster, or tile and investment pieces such as your sofa or dining table that give structure to the room.
  • Something you can build a room around that’s also timeless, in classic shapes that can have many lives and even evolve through reupholstery over the years.
@brittanierobinsondesign Styled by: @emilythurmandesign Photography by: @lissmabey
@brittanierobinsondesign Styled by: @emilythurmandesign Photography by: @lissmabey


3: One-Of-A-Kind Pieces

  • Another trend in 2024 is the implementation of unique vintage elements into updated spaces.
  • One rule of thumb we try to implement in our design is including 1 curated item for every 3 to 4 new items.
Image Credit: @phoebenicol.interiors


4: Luxurious Textiles

  • Incorporating colorful, old-world patterns into drapery, bedding, sheets, etc.
  • Adds layers and textures to space.
Image Credit: Martyn Bullard
Image Credit: Kelly Wearstler

Brittanie Robinson designs homes with style and personality. Influenced by more than just interiors, she pulls inspiration from fashion, Hollywood regency, and the Pacific and Mediterranean coasts, closely listening to her clients every step of the way. Great taste and a keen eye are the thread that weave together her broad range and acute consideration for her clients. The result is always personalized, with a touch of drama. Brittanie isn’t afraid of mixing colors or genres in her approach to creating a unique, glamorous style that honors the demands of livability.

Find Brittanie online at brittanierobinsondesign.com or @brittanierobinsondesign on Instagram.

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