Perfectly Posh Paper Art


Add designer style to your home with fashionable, paper-art! Pulled from the pages of the Ballard Designs catalog, simple, sophisticated paper art is the perfect way to punch up your home décor.

Blogger Tausha Hoyt from Sassy Style Redesign shares inexpensive ways to make your own paper art!

With the help of some inspiration from Ballard Designs, an old book or two, some glue and your imagination, you can have some fabulous new artwork. Your kids can even help you out. (Only if you want them to, of course)

Find an old dictionary, an old pattern or two, some newspaper and some adhesive.

Now comes the fun part-use your imagination and create to your heart’s content. If you want to make the trio with the gloves, purse and shoes, you can find the original picture at Ballard Designs Website. I traced my own hands for the gloves. I used dictionary pages for the gloves themselves and a pattern piece for the trim on the bottom. I then went on a word and used a bold, large font with the size of 125, and printed out a comma. I used the comma for the “cuff link.”

The purse was pieced the same way. For the clasp, I printed out the letter “o” in a bold font.

The shoes were just as easy. A tip to make your shoes the same size-fold the paper in half and cut your shoe shape out. The buckle is made out the same letter “o” that you used for the purse.

I also did a fun grouping for a “girlie” bathroom. I searched Google images for a blow dryer and a can of hairspray. I traced the images onto a dictionary page and then embellished with different kinds of paper.

I loved the saying “the prettiest girls are the happiest girls” by Audrey Hepburn. I just typed up the saying in publisher in the colors I needed to match my bathroom. It was really simple, and yes, you can totally make one too. If you want to print out the one that I made, you can find it here. Remember, I am not a fabulously talented digital queen, so don’t roll your eyes or anything.

Speaking of a fabulously, talented digital queen, my cute friend Kiki, designed some prints using the same paper idea. You can just purchase, print and frame! Easy, right? But because Kiki and I are so kind and giving, she has a free download that you can jump on her site and print it out.

If you are looking for the 3 prints that you can purchase, you can find them in her shop:

Because this is such an addicting project, I made a few more creations. I had a large canvas that had seen better days, so I mod podged some dictionary pages on it and created a one of kind art piece.

Ballard Designs also had some fun, paper Mache chickens on their site. I loved these as well, so I made my own rendition using some birds that I picked up from the DI, some strips of newspaper and some watered down mod podge. Now, find your inner 3rd grade child and get your hands all sticky. Dip each strip in the mod podge and then apply to the watering can, bird, chicken, pig, and horse, whatever you want. Let thoroughly dry and then, voila! Now you have your own custom rendition without the $65 price tag.

I saw this inspiration picture online and had to try and make my own.

Find something round-a Chinese lantern from the dollar store works great. If you want to make a few of these, you will want to get a couple of different sizes. Styrofoam balls work well too. You will need to have 14, 16″ or 18″ circles. I just used my cricut to cut all of the circles out.

Then, using double sided tape, start at the bottom and start sticking your circles to the lantern. Make sure that you overlap them so you cover the lantern.

That’s it! You can use any kind of lightweight paper. Tissue paper would be super cute as well!


Kiki has so graciously decided to give away one of her groupings worth $30! I am also giving away the glove, purse and shoes grouping. Visit for all of the details!

Happy Creating!

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