Photo Backdrops Right in Your Backyard

Stop spending hours trying to find the perfect photo backdrop. Park the car and look around your own house!

Cara Mathis shares some great spots that are just steps away from your own yard.

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Photo Backdrops You Can Find in Your Own Neighborhood

Finding the perfect photo backdrop doesn’t have to be an hour drive and a hike away. We might be over complicating things a bit. Below are some great photo locations that you can find right around your own home.

Gas Station

Even the humble gas station lends itself to pretty pictures. Look around, find a corner with some pretty trees or green grass and go wild!


You know that ravine in your backyard? Or down the street? Yes, that can be a photo location. Instead of looking at the ground, look up at the sky and the horizon. Utah’s beautiful mountains can make that horizon the perfect background for photos. Position the camera so the sections of grass look like a never-ending field.


Literal bushes in your yard landscaping can make the perfect backdrop. Framing is key on this one. Make sure the photo is framed so you’re only seeing foliage in the background. Focus on your cute subject! Backdrop is really just backdrop.


This option is great for families with small kids. They tend to be more comfortable in their own space. If you have colorful personalities and colorful outfits, you don’t have to worry about finding a big splotch of color for the background.


This basic, desert-y landscape can be perfect for photos. This location even had a construction site nearby, but by getting in close, you just see the subject and the pretty surroundings.

Business Strip

Most neighborhoods have a little downtown business strip or shopping center nearby. The contrast of metal or concrete against the color of the subjects makes for great photos. You can use the shadows for artistic purposes, or you can always find a spot with no shadows.

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