Photo Journal: Days of Summer

Photo Journal: Days of Summer

We take the camera on vacation. Lots of events get the attention of our lens. But what about the everyday?

Photographer Jayme Sayes is passionate about creating compelling photos of our daily routines and relationships.

Capture the “Everyday”

One of the easiest things you can do is to capture your children or your family doing the everyday things that they normally do. For example, your children playing in their bedroom with their favorite toys, wearing their favorite clothes… no matter how ridiculous that may be. No frills or fuss, just them being them. A huge part of growing up is having a space that is all your own and obviously that space is going to change dramatically over time so it only makes sense to journal it somehow with photos. Don’t be afraid to focus in on the details such as your child’s favorite doll or photographing her bed that she sleeps in every night. It’s such a great way to hold onto memories.

Take a New View

More often than not we tend to become complacent in the way we shoot our photos. My challenge to you is to get up and move around your subject. Shooting from directions that you normally wouldn’t. For example, shooting from up above looking down or going behind your subject. You’ll be surprised with the results and how easily it can change the feel of the photo.

Keep it Candid

As a photographer my absolute favorite pictures always seem to be the candid ones. The easiest way to achieve the “candid look” is to be ready! For example, with children that are doing an activity such as swimming, make sure to keep your distance trying not to disturb them and hold your focus on their face. Follow them as they move until they do something absolutely adorable and snap away. The candid shots are a great way to portray your family’s true personality and can lead up to some pretty powerful images.

Use People in your Background

This last one is something that creates so much interest in a photo. It’s almost like you’re telling a story. You still have your center focus subject which, for example, may be the youngest child in the family or an expecting mother and then you include the rest of the family in the background having them look on at your subject or just candidly doing what ever they want. I especially love these shots with a father or mother and their child because there’s always this sense of pride in a parent’s eyes as they look on to their children. It’s a fun and different way to capture a family’s interaction together.

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