Planting Early for Spring

Darin Engh, from Engh Gardens, has the suggestions for early spring planting.


If you want to get out and start working in the yard, there are three steps that will help get your yard back in shape.

1- Clean up dead leaves out of flower beds

2- Turn soil. Add peatmoss and perlite to prepare for planting

3- Fertilize trees, shrubs, and perennials

But don’t think that it’s all work and no play. New varieties of flowers are allowing people to plant flowers in March instead of May. One of the new lines of plants is called Spring Magic. It’s a way to get early season color right now. Spring Magic plants can withstand cold temperatures better than other plants. And there are other flowers that can withstand the cold.
The top flowers would be:

1- Osteospermum

2- Anemone

3- Argyranthemum

4- Ranunculus

5- Primrose

6- Pansies


For more information, you can contact Darin Engh at Engh Gardens. Their website is and they are located in Sandy.

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