Popular Popcorn Products

It’s National Popcorn Day, which is really just a great excuse to indulge in
everyone’s favorite snack!

Studio 5 Trend Tracker Mindy Dunyon shares the most popular popcorn
products on the market.

Dale and Thomas Popcorn Tins

– These gourmet popcorn tins made Oprah’s Favorite Things list in O

– Tins make perfect gifts for any occasion and can even be personalized
with a special message or company logo.


Microwave Popcorn Pop-Up Bowls and Bags

– I love Orville Redenbacher’s new Pop Up Bowl

Caramel Cobs

– These are made locally, by Kathy Kaye Foods in Hyde Park

– You can find them in most Associated Food Stores, Maverick
Convenience Stores and The Store in Holladay.

Popping Sorghum

– The perfect snack for people allergic to corn or even those who suffer
from Crohn’s Disease or Diverticulitis.


Hulless Popcorn

– Once the popcorn is popped, this virtually hulless popcorn has few of
the hard shell-like pieces, hulls, that can be found in all popped corn.
There is no truly hulless popcorn or 100% hull free popcorn. Popcorn must
have a hull, called the pericarp, to hold itself together and hold in the
moisture that makes it possible to popcorn in the first place.


Kernel catcher bowl


Midnight Popcorn

– Crate & Barrel

Popcorn Cones

– Makek your own cute popcorn cones, perfect for any occasion. See
below for free downloadable pattern.


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