Pornography: Temptation of a Generation

Research says parents who talk to their children about the danger of pornography are less likely to become addicted to it. In 2005, a study by Family Safe Media revealed the largest group of viewers of Internet Porn is children between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. And 79-percent of unwanted exposure to pornography occurs in the child’s home.

That information prompted two women to set out and educate parents about the “Temptation of a Generation.” That is the title of a new children’s book series written by author Danielle Tiano.

Marriage and Family Therapist Karen Child also contributed to the series. They share some tips for parents.


What Every Parent Should Know

• You are the cure! The only researched preventative factor is parental communication and involvement.

• Good kids can be lured into the trap of pornography and other inappropriate behaviors.

• Kids can access pornography on their cell phone, gaming device, IPod or through file sharing (without ever visiting the Internet).

• Myth: Talking to your kids about sex and the risks associated with pornography will cause them to engage in it.

• Most kids will learn about sex online or from their friends if parents do not talk with them first. Give age-appropriate material.

Warning Signs that Your Child May Be Viewing Pornography

• Excess time online, using cell phone or on a gaming device (particularly at night).

• Finding pornography or inappropriate chats on computer or cell phone.

• Child quickly turns the monitor off or changes the computer screen when a parent enters the room.

• Child becomes withdrawn from family, friends or regular activities, and appears excessively tired.

• Child is using a web cam or microphone. Especially one you were unaware of.

Tips for Talking to Your Kids about Pornography

Young kids need plan of action (ex: stop, run away from computer and tell a parent or adult). Don’t shame.

Pre-adolescents need age appropriate information about sex so that when they see pornography they don’t assume it is normal sexual behavior. They also need a plan of action. Don’t shame.

Adolescents need filtering software. Tell your child you have software installed to maintain open communication. Don’t set up adversarial relationship with them. Talk with them frankly about what they might see and the risks associated. Don’t shame.


The Temptation of a Generation series is the first children’s series to tackle the tough issues today’s kids face in the information age. The series addresses pre-teen and adolescent issues such as self-image, technology addiction, relationships and more. With detailed illustrations, the books create a visual experience and teach important life lessons that will serve children well into adulthood.

The next book in the series will illustrate the life of a teenage girl and how she is impacted by technology. It will look at her relationships, self-concept and other important teen issues. It will be available March 2008 through this website, / and on

Watch for upcoming books on topics such as gaming, chat rooms, gambling, cell phones and teenage relationships.
If you are interested in carrying the Temptation of a Generation series in your business or organization, or as part of your curriculum please email or visit for more information.

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