Pose Like The Pros! Girls vs. Boys

Today we are tackling a photography challenge every parent has dealt with,
trying to get that perfect shot! The secret is all in the pose!

Professional photographer Jami Edman shares 5 tips to get those
unforgettable photos of your own kids, without paying the big bucks at a
professional studio.

For girls: “If it bends, bend it”

· Girls look good if you bend there wrist, elbows, tilt head, turn in ankles

For Boys: “Turn upper body toward camera”

· Boys look good if there upper body is turn toward camera. They look
confident and masculine. They need to look straight at the camera. Girls can
get away with looking away or being flirty with the camera.

It is all about the Hands

· Girls you want to have hands open and bent. Boys want hands clasped
together, or thumbs in pockets- boys don’t look good with open hands on

Girls can pose like boys, BUT boys cannot pose like girls

· If the girl is slimmer she can pull off looking straight on to the camera.
Boys do not look good curved or in feminine poses.

Let’s get Curvy

· Girls look good, leaning back, hands on hips, crossing their ankles,
anything that adds curves.

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Jami Edman Owner of Images by Jami- Custom Portraiture and Photography

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