Power of Priority Management

Success Coach, Tiffany Walke Peterson, offers realistic advice on how to reach your goals.

Intent: To learn and apply proven success strategies to create more balance, peace, and consistent action towards one’s goals and priorities. The strategies discussed today are easy and simple to begin implementing immediately to take action and achieve results.


1. Morning Ritual – Begin each day with a customized morning ritual that addresses priorities to the individual and leads towards a more balanced day and focus. How one starts their day, shapes their day and their results. The individual is one of their key priorities in their lives. This ritual (also commonly called “Hour of Power” although my focus is on less time) is a powerful practice at getting more of your priorities in your life.

a. Spiritual – Whatever spiritual means to the individual, this would encompass activities that connect that person to their spiritual life or their source/God. Examples include: prayer/meditation, gratitude listing, scripture study, time in nature, yoga, etc. Focused on the feeling versus the activity.

b. Mental – Stimulates your mind around positive content and what you are wanting to focus on that day or in your goals. Examples include: reading or listening to personal development books, reviewing your goals or vision board, planning your day. Stimulates your mind and had creative time involved.

c. Physical – Move the body. Examples include: workout, walk, yoga, push-ups or sit ups, stretching.

Individual chooses how much time and what activities are involved. The time isn’t as important as the habit being established. For many of our viewers, this one habit helps them achieve what some of their key priorities.

2. Planning – Utilizing effective planning to manage and achieve one’s priorities.

a. Weekly planning – looking at the week ahead and planning key priorities/goals. *Not just a task list.

b. Utilize a MindMap – addresses all the key areas of one’s life to identify and plan/navigate one’s week around so as to create greater balance by taking action in many areas or projects that matter to the individual. Includes: business, family, health, personal, home, errands, etc. (Picture will be available to show viewers).

c. Night before planning – review weekly priorities and plan out the next day’s schedule.

3. The 15 Minute Rule – When you are establishing a new habit, live the 15 minute rule. If you are wanting to get a new priority into your life or more of a priority into your life on a consistent basis, utilize this guideline.

a. Examples:

Organization: Many clients want to be more organized, but feel overwhelmed. Overwhelm = procrastination. Decide on a space – desk, room, car, papers and focus on that that space for a concentrated 15 minutes. When it’s concentrated, you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

Exercise: Many clients want to be healthier and they know that exercise is a key priority; however, for many people they believe that if they don’t have an hour, they don’t have time to exercise and therefore, don’t do anything. Go walk for 15 minutes in your neighborhood three times a week. Do sit ups or push-ups or weights in your home for 15 minutes. The habit is more important than the time. It’s key to get into action.

Project: Whether it’s scrapbooking, a business project, writing your book or blog, schedule in 15 minutes to do the project. By taking consistent action on your goal, you will produce greater results and fulfillment rather than continuing to put off the project waiting for the “perfect time” to show up – which rarely ever comes.

Tiffany Peterson is a seasoned Success Coach and Speaker, working with individuals and organizations in helping them to learn and apply proven success strategies, principles, and techniques to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Tiffany Walke Peterson

The Lighthouse Principles

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