Preparing Your Taxes

Gretchen Bartlett, with Liberty Tax Service revealed some of the hidden secrets that professional tax preparers look for.


When you use a paid preparer, you are hiring someone to stand between you and the IRS. This affords many people peace of mind. At Liberty Tax Service, they provide free audit assistance for any returns that we prepare.

On average, taxpayers overpay their taxes by about 400 dollars per return. You should seek the assistance of a tax professional to ensure you claim every tax break you’re entitled to receive. In addition, most tax preparers e-file returns to the IRS which is another safety net to ensure the accuracy of your return and reduce the time it takes for you to receive any refund you’re due.

Last year, over 30 million taxpayers did not claim the one time Telephone Excise Tax. This is the biggest missed credit ever.

Up to 25 percent or 5 million people, eligible fore the Earned Income Credit, will fail to take it this year because they don’t know about it.

The IRS estimates that taxpayers spend 11-52 hours preparing just their federal returns. Tax Preparers can save you more than what you pay simply because they know more about tax law than the average person. You can save 30-40 hours worth or work.


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